Martin is an experienced software engineer, specialising in writing the server-side functionality of web-based applications for dedicated clients, and has a wide range of analytical, design and in-depth technical skills gained over many years of developing and using a variety of software and IT systems.

He grew up being aware of the many environmental issues affecting our planet and wanting to design and build his own eco-house from watching Grand Designs. In recent years, he has learnt about eco-villages, volunteered with a group in the initial stages of attempting to set-up an eco-village project, and more recently has subsequently become interested in and learnt about co-operatives, co-housing and other community led organisations and housing models.

He has been inspired by the hand-built, sustainable buildings at Down to Earth on Gower during his time volunteering there and by other sustainable community housing projects around the UK, to enrol part-time at the Centre for Alternative Technology on their new MSc Green Building course (subject to validation). This is a variation of their MSc Sustainability and Adaptation in the Built Environment course with two new core modules specific to Green Building. He is looking to gain knowledge and expertise in the design of new buildings and the retrofitting of existing buildings with a green, sustainable focus.

Martin is also enjoys hiking/exploring, trail running, sea rowing and has interests in digital and landscape photography, technology, nature and the environment.

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