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Regenerating Buildings, Revitalising Communities  

We welcome new members who support our values and objectives, including but not limited to those who may want to become residents. As a Community Land Trust and Community Benefit Society, our members have a stake in Swansea Co-Housing as an organisation and we value their input. Below, is an online version of our joining form (paper copies are also available by request), as well as expandable information on how to join and our membership policy.

If you need this material in an alternative format or are experiencing difficulty with its accessiblity, please contact us.

Swansea Co-Housing invites people to join us and support our mission. For a minimum of £15, you can buy a share which makes you a member (you can of course buy as many shares as you like and any contributions are welcome, but we do operate on a one member one vote basis). You will receive a share certificate and will be eligible to vote at general meetings. You will also be able to stand for one of the places on the board of directors. We also ask for a £5 subscription fee.

Swansea Co-Housing (SCH) is a registered Community Land Trust and Community Benefit Society. We would like to promote intergenerational, sustainable, inclusive and affordable co-housing in Swansea. We recognise that people are happier and healthier when they feel a sense of ownership and belonging.

What is Co-housing?

Co-housing communities are intentional ones, that is they are created and run by the members of that co-housing community. Each household has a self-contained private home but people join together to manage the community affairs and to share activities. Co-housing can help to reduce both living costs and social isolation.

Swansea Co-Housing would like our projects to comprise:

  • between 5 and 30 households of varying sizes, costs and tenure; 
  • communal facilities ( for eating together, meeting, gardening etc); 
  • households that are able to meet intergenerational needs, for example being accessible for all ages and abilities; 
  • facilities for gardens/allotments and working from home; 
  • inclusivity, friendship and cooperation; 
  • respect for the environment; 
  • open and transparent communication and decision making; 
  • sustainable future use for Swansea's built heritage; and 
  • new buildings which meet high environmental standards. 

How to Join.

  1. Research co-housing and find out whether it sounds as if it would suit you. 

  2. Come and meet us for events or socials. Find out about our values, ethos and plans. 

  3. Complete our membership application form, buy membership shares (£10 each) and pay the subscription fee. This is £5 and covers SCH administrative costs. Please read the complete application form and tick the acceptance box. Annual subscription fees may change.  

What does membership involve and include?

Members are people who join Swansea CoHousing and share our goals. They may not have an immediate personal desire to live in co-housing, but agree to:

  • our guiding Principles; 

  • commit to contributing to the success of Swansea Co-Housing project; and 

  • participate in running the organisation, and in decision making. 

Full details of rights and responsibilities of Members are in the Rules Of Swansea Co-Housing, a copy of which can be obtained from a Director.

Decisions at general meetings will be made by consensus and collaboratively. If a consensus cannot be agreed, decisions will be decided by a majority of votes of members present at the meeting, as in the Rules and SCH membership policy. SCH reserves the right to review this policy.

The membership share may be refundable by agreement with the Directors.

Swansea Co-Housing is a member of UK CoHousing Network and Community Land Trust Network.

Swansea Co-Housing (SCH) aims to encourage membership from anyone over 16 years old. SCH will operate its membership to promote equality and diversity. To become a member of SCH, people must:

  • share the organisation's core values and mission; 
  • have developed a good understanding of, and agree with the plans and ethos of SCH; 
  • understand what living in co-housing means; and 
  • be approved by the directors. 

SCH is an inclusive organisation that encourages membership and participation by people of differing capabilities. No one will be expected to participate in ways beyond what their abilities and capabilities allow.

Further details about membership can be found in our governing rules, but the following is a short summary.

  • Every member may attend General Meetings in person or by proxy, and may stand for election to the Board. 
  • Every member shall have one vote regardless of the number of shares held. 
  • General meetings will be convened by the directors with at least fourteen days notice. Meetings will be in Swansea unless online. 
  • A quorum must be present before a meeting starts. A quorum will be the lesser of 15% of membership or 20 members (or authorised representatives) present. 
  • If 10% of members provide a written request for a general meeting, the Secretary may also call a meeting. 
  • Decisions at a meeting will be by consensus if possible but if not decision will be made by a simple majority of votes.An AGM will be held within 6 months of the end of the financial year. One third of the directors must retire at each AGM but can be eligible for re-election. 
  • Members may appoint directors by a resolution at a general meeting. 
  • Members may be expelled for conduct prejudicial to SCH, provided that the member is able to give representations at a meeting. 
  • The membership share is refundable subject to an arrangement with the Directors. 

The above policy is aspirational and Swansea Co-Housing reserves the right to change it at any time.

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Swansea Co Housing Limited is a Community Benefit Society registered at:
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