Black Lives Matter

Since Swansea  CoHousing was founded, we have held a vision to be a diverse and inclusive organisation. The founder members denounce the intractable racism that has led to the senseless deaths of black people, most recently George Floyd and many more. 

The problems giving rise to protest are not exclusive to the US and aspects are prevalent in the U.K. The movement for black lives is a global movement that calls us to dismantle structural racism and prejudice on our own soil.

Swansea CoHousing is committed to building community cohesion and we welcome membership from everybody who shares our vision, especially those poorly represented in our demographic. The reason we prioritise black people at this time is that this global uprising reminds us that the deep roots of injustice and pain of black people can no longer be ignored and have to be addressed now.  To achieve this, we commit to actively learning  how to be anti-racist.

2020-06-23 14:37:09

What next... post-covid?

Leonie Ramondt was invited to speak at a Built Environment Networking webinar and join the panel on the 8th of June.  She made a plea for the public, private and third sectors to build bridges to the future by collaborating and consulting with the community using citizen's assembly and enquiry by design methodologies.


2020-06-23 14:33:17

End of year Party!

Swansea Co-Housing would like to invite our supporters to join us for an informal gathering on the 7th of December. See invitation for details.

2019-11-29 11:15:43

Swansea Co-Housing featured in Wales Cooperative Centre report
The Wales Cooperative Centre have published an article and downloadable report about their recent research into the benefits of cooperative housing, which includes images and a video about Swansea Co-Housing .


2019-11-28 12:59:12

Survey launched

Swansea Co-Housing's survey for friends, supporters and those who might be interested in living in local Co-Housing for themselves now or in the future is now online.  We will welcome any feedback, so please do fill it in if you have about five minutes to spare.

2019-11-28 00:00:35

Swansea Co-Housing on ITV News

Swansea Co-Housing made it onto ITV news on tuesday the 26th Nov 2019 … Although not entirely accurate (we don’t aspire to share one roof for example) it does a great job capturing our commitment. 

2019-11-27 23:17:00

Swansea Co Housing is a constituted group