Regenerating Buildings, Revitalising Communities  


Get to know Swansea Co-Housing, 13th of May, 2022

- an opportunity to find out more about our mission for intergenerational living, built heritage and the environment in Swansea

- the chance for further follow-up discussion and debate following the school consultation on the future of Home Farm on the 8th of May

On the 13th of May, 2022, Swansea Co-Housing will be holding an open evening at Sketty Parish Hall from 18:00 to 19:45. In 2021, we became a Community Benefit Society and Community Land Trust. Our mission is to provide sustainable future use for some of the city's built heritage through use for co-housing and related purposes, while engaging, enthusing and up-skilling the communities in which they stand - regenerating buildings, revitalising communities. Our guiding principles are inter-generational living, the protection of built and landscape heritage, protection and co-existence with nature and the environment, and the promotion and provision of pertinent skills and training alongside just access to housing.

We are keen to work with people from the local area who share our objectives, and all are welcome on the 13th to explore common interests, develop ideas, and gain understanding of the meaning and possibilities of co-housing. Those who wish to become members and help to guide our work - as potential future residents or otherwise - will be able to speak with us about doing so.

Due to our focus on the city’s built heritage and general interest in that area, we have supported Dynamix and Bishop Gore School in conducting a consultation with the community on the future of Home Farm in Singleton Park, held on the 8th of May, 2022. We will also provide further opportunity during the evening for discussion on that subject.

2022-05-09 11:02:00

Our report From COVID-19 to Neighbourhood 20 has now been published.

During the first Covid lockdown, the SCH received a RSA Catalyst Award .The founders volunteered to interview ( under Covid rules ) 61 people in their local community (SA1, SA2 ). This contributed also to the social value of this investment.

The results were gratefully collated by founder member Sandra Lovell.
What emerged were changing attitudes to home and community with
emerging themes being the use of time, outdoor and indoor space, growing food, importance of community, use of technology, changes to travel, lower emissions and cleaner air, and greater awareness of community led housing.

This research is an important contribution in many areas including the “green agenda“ , “housing crisis“ and to the Well Being of Future Generations Act,Wales.

Jennifer Twelvetrees - Founder Member


2021-04-23 08:20:41

In partnership with Women4Resourcesm, Swansea Co-Housing to hold Intergenerational Week workshop

As part of Intergenerational week, Swansea Co-Housing and Women4Resources are partnering to hold a focused workshop via Zoom on the 12th of March, investigating and expanding links between networks promoting intergenerational living.

10:45 Open
11:00 Welcome and invitation to say name and one sentence on why interested in Intergenerational Week.
11:10 Pat Scrutton ,Founder and Co ordinator of Intergenerational Network, Scotland.
11:30 Casey Edwards, Wales Co op Centre on Intergenerational Housing.
11:50 Professor Uzo Iwobi, BAME connections.
12:00 Catreya Mabley ,W4R,international girls group/thoughts.
12:10 Summary and comments about the need for an Intergenerational Network
12:30 End

If you are interested in attending, please contact us.

2021-03-05 10:40:00

Black Lives Matter

Since Swansea  CoHousing was founded, we have held a vision to be a diverse and inclusive organisation. The founder members denounce the intractable racism that has led to the senseless deaths of black people, most recently George Floyd and many more. 

The problems giving rise to protest are not exclusive to the US and aspects are prevalent in the U.K. The movement for black lives is a global movement that calls us to dismantle structural racism and prejudice on our own soil.

Swansea CoHousing is committed to building community cohesion and we welcome membership from everybody who shares our vision, especially those poorly represented in our demographic. The reason we prioritise black people at this time is that this global uprising reminds us that the deep roots of injustice and pain of black people can no longer be ignored and have to be addressed now.  To achieve this, we commit to actively learning  how to be anti-racist.

2020-06-23 14:37:09

What next... post-covid?

Leonie Ramondt was invited to speak at a Built Environment Networking webinar and join the panel on the 8th of June.  She made a plea for the public, private and third sectors to build bridges to the future by collaborating and consulting with the community using citizen's assembly and enquiry by design methodologies.


2020-06-23 14:33:17

End of year Party!

Swansea Co-Housing would like to invite our supporters to join us for an informal gathering on the 7th of December. See invitation for details.

2019-11-29 11:15:43

Swansea Co-Housing featured in Wales Cooperative Centre report
The Wales Cooperative Centre have published an article and downloadable report about their recent research into the benefits of cooperative housing, which includes images and a video about Swansea Co-Housing .


2019-11-28 12:59:12

Survey launched

Swansea Co-Housing's survey for friends, supporters and those who might be interested in living in local Co-Housing for themselves now or in the future is now online.  We will welcome any feedback, so please do fill it in if you have about five minutes to spare.

2019-11-28 00:00:35

Swansea Co-Housing on ITV News

Swansea Co-Housing made it onto ITV news on tuesday the 26th Nov 2019 … Although not entirely accurate (we don’t aspire to share one roof for example) it does a great job capturing our commitment. 

2019-11-27 23:17:00

Privacy Policy

Swansea Co Housing Limited is a Community Benefit Society registered at:
  SCVS, 7 Walter Road, Swansea, SA1 5NF
  Registration number: 8632